For the past 40 years, GolfVisions has routinely provided receivership, advisory and interim management services to past high-profile golf specialty lenders, local banks, real estate equity investors and potential purchasers of distressed golf properties. GolfVisions’ responsiveness and fiscal expertise are well known in the golf property management business. GolfVisions can be on the property oftentimes within 24-hours  notice as needed fully prepared to protect the subject property, clubhouse, maintenance buildings, outside amenities, immediately hire the line and staff employees and quickly understand and stabilize any situation or set of circumstances – both existing and pending.

We are experts in the management of distressed, bank owned properties and are able to handle mechanics lien situations and liquor license transfers. Our experience in these matters allows the golf facility to retain valuable vendors and suppliers critical to keeping the operation viable and generating the revenues needed to reduce and eliminate unwanted interim funding by the underlying lenders or investors. In addition, GolfVisions can work closely with the lender’s counsel to provide the underwriting, analysis and reporting to both lender, counsel and courts.

As an experienced property manager, GolfVisions also specializes in assisting with lender sale of the property – reducing the expensive gap between initial lender control and closing of sale to subsequent purchasers. Concurrent with takeover and resolution of the golf property’s physical and financial challenges, GolfVisions can perform comprehensive property due diligence activities.


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